Flexible, yet fair.

Every wedding has it’s own set of unique dynamics. Therefore, we think that the Travel aspect of your Investment should accommodate the specific needs of your wedding by remaining flexible and negotiable. We consider ourselves to be very reasonable and understand that honest conversation is an important part of making this work so that no matter where you are located, you’re able to have us come alongside you on the most important day of your life. Without breaking your budget. If Travel is a requirement for your Package, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your specific needs so we’re able to provide a Quote that is realistic and fair for both of us.

Breaking even.

Unlike the business model adopted by most destination wedding photographers and filmmakers, we’re not out to make a profit by requiring that Travel be added as an Extra for weddings outside the greater area of Fort Wayne, IN. We just like to break even so we’re not incurring unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses to film on your wedding day, as we believe this is fair and reasonable.

There really is more than corn in Indiana.

While naturally serving the communities in our Indiana homeland, we certainly wouldn't consider ourselves to be shy neighbors. We’re available for travel nationwide. Because of this, we offer Travel as an Extra. For weddings outside the greater area of Fort Wayne, IN, Travel is required and the costs associated with this varies, depending on your Package and the Location of your wedding.

Travel transparency.

After discussing your specific needs, we provide a Quote which includes an entire page dedicated to outlining an itemized breakdown of how costs associated with Travel will effect your Investment, before a Contract is finalized. Depending on your Package and the Location of your wedding, these costs may include any or all of the following: Flight (Tickets, Baggage), Hotel, Vehicle (Rental, Gas, Parking), Meals (outside meals we’re invited to as guests, of course), and Time (travel time for local and regional weddings that are outside the greater area of Fort Wayne, but within driving distance and do not require a flight). After your review and approval, accommodations for Travel will be arranged and/or booked by Thread & Film.


Indiana is home to us, but we’re definitely not shy neighbors.

Thread & Film is available for travel nationwide.


As destination filmmakers, we won’t overlook the significance of where you’re getting married, like most “local” cinematographers will.

Oftentimes, there is special meaning behind where you chose to spend the most important day of your life. We understand that Locations are important and we actually consider them to be “characters” that will will play important roles in your film. Although we’re from the midwest, we work with couples from all over the United States and take great joy in capturing the story of their personalities, relationship, and love, through the context of filming their geographical surrounding. We believe this approach lends itself well to films that are more dynamic and meaningful to the couple - even compared to the work of the average “local” wedding cinematographer, who can easily overlook the significance of the Location of your wedding. We are intentional about filming the city, town, countryside, and landscape that serves as the backdrop to where you’re getting married. We also shoot exteriors of your venues because again, these shots play an important role in telling a visual story and are perfect visuals to use as establishing, transitional, or closing shots for your films. If you’d like to see examples of how the visuals of Locations are used in our style of filmmaking, please visit our Films page or click on any of the thumbnails below to watch an example from that respective area of the country.

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